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pure ev bike: हुई लॉन्च. फुल चार्जिंग में इतना ज्यादा माइलेज देगी

Pure EV

Pure EV: पेट्रोल के दाम बढ़ते हैं, अब लोग ईवी बाइक और स्कूटर खरीदते हैं, भारत में काई ईवी कंपनी ने अपनी बाइक या स्कूटर लॉन्च की है। अगर ईव में बेस्ट स्कूटर और बाइक की अगर हम बात करें तो हाँ कंपनी ने ने EcoDryft 350 Electric Motorcycle कम बजट में एक बेहतरीन बाइक लॉन्च की है

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pure ev

वर्तमान में 110 सीसी में सिर्फ पेट्रोल बाइक हाय आती है लेकिन अब प्योर ईवी ने नई बाइक लॉन्च कर दी है जो 110 सीसी में 170 का रेंज दे रही है. इस बाइक के साथ आप शहर में आराम से यात्रा कर सकते हैं. 

Pure EV evoDryft Electric Motorcycle Features

  • Top Speed 75 KMPH
  • Price : Rs.1.30 Lakh (Ex.showroom)
  • Load bearing capacity : 150 KG
  • Range : 171 km on a single charge
  • Battery Portable :3 KWH
  • Fingerprint sensor : yes
  • Extended Warranty : 5 years/60,000 KMs
  • Modes: Three modes to alter performance based on the rider’s needs




  1. Review not of this product but still relevant. I have plenty of issues with my pure ev epluto7g but the primary one is the battery. If you thinking of saving some money by buying a electric vehicle, don’t buy a pure EV. My vehicle has been giving me range issues after less than 8 months of buying. I Even kept the vehicle with them for 30-45 days Even after which there is issue with range. When I last had My vehicle with me it was giving range of 45-55 km after which it has 1-2 bars. This after riding 90% of time in mode 1 which has top speed of around 34-35. When complained, company proposed that I pay them 30k for exchanging old battery with new battery!! This when existing battery is under warranty!! Please read that again!! They prefer to not honour the warranty!!! Currently the vehicle is with dealer since last 50 days and still to resolve issue. In the meantime I am forced to spend more time and money on other modes of transport. Even though I have mailed them more than 80 times on the range issue, Company has shown complete apathy towards my problem. Now the company is saying that they have sent the battery back through courier but the courier company says that because of payment issues , they have blocked delivery of battery to the dealer!! The dealer on the other hand keeps saying that they are helpless and customer should speak with the company. This is a glimpse of harrasment you will face if you are a Pure EV customer. Why did I buy a scooter then? One dealer even claims that even after repair I should only expect range of 75 in mode one and 2 and lower (around 60) if driven in mode 3. Why did I buy this vehicle? Even now the vehicle is with service centre.


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